Absolutely Wonderful, was captured live at Fat Black Pussycat in New York City. And in this new hour, Griffin riffs on the transition to older age, and how that plays out in partying, relationships, and of course, couches and sleep. His take on the terrible is wonderful, and not to be missed.

Bring Out The Monkey
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Nick Griffin is the best when it comes to making cynicism hysterical. His views on everything from relationships, depression and everything in between will make you laugh til it hurts. My advice… download these tracks, listen to them numerous times then SEE HIM LIVE. He is really a top notch comedian and his facial expressions alone are worth the price of admission. Oh, and he has great hair!
    Jenster 1963

Shot In The Face
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Brilliant delivery & persona; smart, insightful material. I;m still laughing out loud on the third eye,
…more, please.

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